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Pawan Kalyan's True Date Of Birth Revealed

Pawan Kalyan's True Date Of Birth Revealed

There have been several speculations about Pawan Kalyan's age. While some claim it to be 1971, others argue that his year of birth could be either 1969 or earlier. 

Today, his true date of birth is revealed based on his Aadhar Card and the mention of his age in the election affidavit. 

He was born on 2nd September 1968, making him 56 years old, and he will turn 57 after September 2nd, 2024. That means, he is close to 3-4 years away from his 'Shashtipoorti'. 

With this revelation, the uncertainty surrounding Pawan Kalyan's date of birth, including what was mentioned in his Wikipedia page at present, can be resolved.


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