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Pawan Kalyan Winning - Chandrababu Losing?

Pawan Kalyan Winning - Chandrababu Losing?

The elections have concluded in Andhra Pradesh. Both sides, YSRCP and Kutami, are confident of their victory with a high margin.

While YSRCP supporters are confident of securing more than 50% of the vote share, TDP supporters are stating that the 2014 scenario will repeat itself.

On the other hand, analysts are also divided between both sides, with some predicting Kutami's victory and others affirming YSRCP's win.

However, technically speaking, it is very difficult to predict the winner with certainty based solely on observation.

Looking at the voting turnout and considering the pulse of the constituency at the polling booths, some analysts say that Pawan Kalyan is definitely winning from Pithapuram. 

But the bad news is that Chandrababu is definitely losing his Kuppam seat without a doubt, according to the same analysts. 

The observers also suggest that there is a 90% chance of winning of YSRCP in Mangalagiri, which was not anticipated until yesterday, considering TDP candidate Lokesh's increased popularity in the constituency. However, looking at the polling style and the pulse of the people at the polling booths, it gives the impression that he is losing the election, some observers say. 

Balakrishna is also at the losing edge in the Hindupur constituency, according to a few analysts. 

Overall, the analysts also predict a landslide victory for YSRCP, which is likely to form the government. 

They anticipate that the Andhra Pradesh Assembly will have new entertainment as Pawan Kalyan would enter as an MLA from the opposition.

On the other hand, there are analysts who are predicting Kutami forming government. 

We need see the truth in this exit poll prediction on June 4th.


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