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Pawan Kalyan to Be Renamed Pithapuram Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan to Be Renamed Pithapuram Kalyan

The majority that Pawan Kalyan is recording at this moment, while counting is still ongoing, is alarming.

While detractors commented that his win would be a wonder, the reality is very different.

The close contestant, Vanga Geetha of YCP, is nowhere near Pawan Kalyan in terms of votes.

With a lead of over 40,000 votes within the first eight rounds, Pawan Kalyan is bound to win. The trend seems to be further positive for him.

Given this, Pawan Kalyan, also known as PK, can be renamed as Pithapuram Kalyan with this feat. Overall, if he makes a difference to the constituency in the coming five years, his identity will be tied to this place.

We need to see how he uses this lifetime opportunity.


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