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Pawan Kalyan Playing 'Nalugu Stambhalata'

Pawan Kalyan Playing 'Nalugu Stambhalata'

What was anticipated is now unfolding. Pawan's reluctance to announce his stance stems from fear rather than strategy.

News leaked a week ago suggesting Pawan's candidacy from Bhimavaram. Jana Sena leaders claimed that he would secure a resounding victory in the same constituency where he previously lost. However, it now appears that Pawan may not be contesting from Bhimavaram.

Presently, the Pithapuram seat is considered the only safe option for Pawan. Party leaders have indicated his intention to contest from there, yet there is still no definitive confirmation.

Meanwhile, there seems to be a lack of confidence within Jana Sena about attaining a ruling position even if the alliance emerges victorious. Some leaders speculate off the record that Pawan Kalyan may contest as both MP and MLA.

Reports suggest that Pawan is likely to vie for the Anakapalli Lok Sabha seat instead of Nagababu, contrary to popular belief.

Should the alliance fail to secure power in the state, Pawan aims to at least become an MP to exert influence over BJP leaders, contingent upon his victory.

Although Pawan was allotted 24 MLA seats in the alliance, he has only announced candidates for five thus far.

Even party loyalists within Jana Sena harbor doubts about accommodating TDP members within their ranks.

Former Bhimavaram TDP MLA Pulaparthi Ramanjaneyu's decision to join Jana Sena aligns with Pawan's shift in contest location from Bhimavaram to Pithapuram.

Once clarity emerges on the remaining 17 seats, party leaders must decide how to allocate them among Jana Sena members.

Ultimately, Pawan is grappling with indecision, oscillating between four options: whether to contest from Bhimavaram, Pithapuram, another undisclosed safe constituency, or Anakapalli as an MP.

His predicament resembles a confused state akin to a 'nalugu sthambalata.'


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