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Pawan gets cold response from Shah on TDP alliance

Pawan gets cold response from Shah on TDP alliance

On Wednesday, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan met with BJP's top leader and Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, in Delhi.

Although there was no official communication regarding the details of the meeting, BJP circles revealed that Pawan Kalyan strongly advocated for a TDP-BJP-Jana Sena alliance to defeat the YSRCP government in the upcoming Andhra Pradesh Assembly polls scheduled for April/May 2024.

In the meeting, Jana Sena Political Affairs Committee (JAC) chairman Nadendla Manohar was also present alongside Pawan Kalyan.

According to sources from BJP, Amit Shah showed little interest in the TDP alliance proposal suggested by Pawan Kalyan. In fact, he reportedly responded coldly to the idea of having an alliance with TDP.

Sources further added that Amit Shah made it clear to Pawan Kalyan that there is no hurry to discuss an alliance with TDP. The matter could be considered after the Telangana Assembly polls, which are scheduled for December this year. The decision would be based on the outcome of the Telangana Assembly polls.

Amit Shah is said to have opined that if BRS loses the Assembly elections in Telangana, it could potentially impact the ruling YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh. In that scenario, the people of Andhra Pradesh may also vote against the ruling party.

Therefore, Amit Shah believes it would be more appropriate to discuss and decide on alliances for the AP Assembly polls at that time, and there is no point in discussing alliances in AP at this stage.

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