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Pawan back to acting under 'Nara Productions'?

Pawan back to acting under 'Nara Productions'?

Jana Sena Party president and actor Pawan Kalyan in Visakhapatnam is making a desperate attempt to get back into the limelight with his “Sand Satyagraha” in Visakhapatnam on Sunday to highlight the sand scarcity in the state.

Since he is a politician, he is expected to take up such programmes to be in the news and also gain some political mileage. But what is surprising is the support extended by Telugu Desam Party president and former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu to Pawan’s rally.

Naturally, it has given a weapon to ruling YSR Congress party to launch a counter-attack.

Visakhapatnam MLA Gudivada Amarnath alleged that Pawan Kalyan was misleading the people by holding a long march for sand, knowing fully well that the government cannot create sand crisis intentionally.

“It is being picturised as a man-made crisis while the sand scarcity was due to floods and unabated marooning of water bodies. Don’t Pawan who has just one MLA and Naidu who has just 23 MLAs know about this?” he asked.

Amarnath said people had seen him act in films under various banners, but now they are seeing his acting under “Nara Productions” and trying to project it as a national issue to derive political mileage.

“He has put many films on hold and is engaged in Nara production as this is more lucrative and the persons of TDP who will be accompanying him were all mafia dons who ran illegal mining and other shady deals,” he said. 

Amaranth reminded that Pawan challenged during the elections that if YS Jagan Mohan Reddy comes to power, he would change his name. He should change his name to Nara Pawan Kalyan.


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