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Opinion: Chandrababu is absolutely right

Opinion: Chandrababu is absolutely right

Speaking in Krishna district recently, Chandrababu Naidu made a very relevant comment: “The people have shunned a milch cow (Chandrababu) and opted for a bison (Jagan Mohan Reddy),” said Naidu bitterly.

What he said is absolutely correct. Chandrababu was a milch cow not for the people of Andhra Pradesh but his community.

The K-casteism reached an all-time high during his tenure and people became so disgusted with the community that they destroyed their Party in the polls.

And what Chandrababu said about Jagan is also right. Jagan after becoming the Chief Minister is not acting like a cow to his community but rather like a bison to them, he is governing in such a fashion making it virtually impossible for them to take advantage of their government being in power.

That Chandrababu made these remarks in the Kamma-dominated Krishna district should not escape unnoticed.

These people made a tremendous development when they came up with an exclusive anthem for their community.

What next? An exclusive flag and language? Maybe, an exclusive ‘language’ wouldn’t be so bad as it would give the Telugus relief from having to identify themselves with these people anymore.

Written By Kiran Sharma

(The author is a senior journalist. Views are personal)

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