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Number of homeless people in US hits record high

Number of homeless people in US hits record high

The number of homeless people in the US has increased by 12 per cent to a record high, a new government report revealed.

bout 653,000 people were homeless across the country in January, Xinhua news agency quoted the report issued by the Department of Housing and Urban Development on Friday.

That represents 70,650 more than a year earlier and the highest number since the survey began in 2007.

African-Americans account for 13 per cent of the US population, but make up 37 per cent of the total homelessness, the report said.

The largest jump in homelessness, it said, was among Hispanics, standing at 28 per cent from 2022 to 2023.

Family homelessness also rose by 16 per cent, reversing what had been a downward trend since 2012.

Soaring rents and a decline in coronavirus pandemic assistance are among the major factors behind the homelessness crisis in the US.


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