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NTR's Silent Mantra Works Out

NTR's Silent Mantra Works Out

NTR Jr took conscious decision to stay away from Telugu Desam party activities and its campaigning.

Despite tremendous pressure from Nandamuri Balakrishna and Naidu, he made it clear that he has not interest in politics at this juncture of his career.

Knowing very well of CBN’s ‘karivepaku policy’ (use and throw), he himself has been distancing away from Telugu Desam party.

To put pressure on NTR Jr, Chandrababu Naidu had fielded Kalyan Ram’s sister Nandamuri Suhasini in Kukatpally in Telangana assembly polls but NTR didn’t come out in support of her. He didn’t participate in campaigning. He maintained total silence then.

He has applied similar strategy for Andhra elections as well. Though stars from Mega family came out and expressed their support to their family leader Pawan Kalyan and have urged fans to vote for Jana Sena, NTR maintained his silence and didn’t step out.

In fact, his silent mantra has worked out well for him. He is now completely steered out from any controversies.

NTR Jr did campaign for TDP in 2009 but the gap between Naidu and NTR Jr has widened later.

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