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NTR And Kalyan Ram Didn't Wish Chandrababu

NTR And Kalyan Ram Didn't Wish Chandrababu

NTR and Kalyan Ram are brothers from the same father but different mothers. Despite this, they share a close bond and work together in comradery.

Many people often compare their relationship to the mythological characters of Ram and Laxmana.

Due to family equations, NTR has never wished Chandrababu Naidu on his birthday on Twitter, but Kalyan Ram has.

However, this time, even Kalyan Ram kept away from wishing Chandrababu on his birthday, which surprised many people.

It is believed that Kalyan Ram may have taken this decision on NTR's advice.

Within two days NTR and Kalyan Ram eventually tweeted Eid Mubarak wishes to their fans and the public.

It is clear that the brothers value their relationship with their fans and maintain a positive image in public.

During the post-funeral ceremony of Tarakaratna, Balakrishna, who is also a part of the Nandamuri family, did not make eye contact with NTR and Kalyan Ram.

This behavior highlights the ongoing division between NTR and the rest of the Nandamuri and Naras families.

Kalyan Ram is always on NTR's side, and it is believed that he avoided wishing Chandrababu on his birthday based on NTR's advice.

Despite this atmosphere, the brothers continue to support each other and work towards their goals.


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