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No tickets for three-time losers, says Lokesh

No tickets for three-time losers, says Lokesh

TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh on Friday said party chief N Chandrababu Naidu has decided not to give tickets in the coming polls to those who lost three times in consecutive elections previously.

Lokesh also said that on his part, he had proposed a 2 + 1 system in giving party positions. A debate was going on within the party on this. Anybody occupying a post for two consecutive terms should be given an upper level post or lower level one or none but not the same post for a third time.

In a chit chat with the media at Mahanadu venue in Ongole, Lokesh said he had asked the party chief to apply the new proposal to him (Lokesh) as well. Such proposals would help in infusing young blood at every level in the party. All would get equal opportunities to serve the party and the people.

Lokesh indicated that the TDP would allocate 40 percent tickets to the youth. Among them, in addition to the political heirs, those not having any prior political background would also get a chance. 

“Not just the heirs of leaders would constitute the youth. They would include all those who would work hard for strengthening the party,” he said.

Lokesh said that he was ready to undertake padayatra or take part in any agitation if the party leadership ordered him. The TDP was ever ready to face the elections. Any debate on alliances should be taken up at the time of elections, he added.

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