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No Place For Youngsters In TDP

No Place For Youngsters In TDP

The committee of members those take policy decisions of any party is called Polit Bureau. 

Recently TDP has formed a polit bureau with 25 members. But all the members are old who are in their 60s and 70s. The only young member is Lokesh Naidu. Galla Jayadev and Vangalapudi Anita are the members those are little younger when compared to the rest of seniors.

This is very disappointing for the young politicians those wish to join the club of TDP. It is clear indication that there is no room for the outside youngsters in the party, as the sons of the existing members will be in line. 

All the constituencies are gripped by senior politicians and so the young blood has joined the YSRCP. The party supremo of TDP seems to be not understanding this. Though it was understood, he might have ignored as there is no choice left.

Even the second level leaders in TDP are disappointed looking at these old faces in the polit bureau. The allotment of tickets in the next elections also depend on the influence of these members.

The descendents of  Ayyanna Patrudu, Bandaru, Ashok and Yanamala are in line anyway. So, is this the time for second category leaders of TDP to leave the party and join somewhere else!

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