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Naidu takes pot shots at Amaravati farmers!

Naidu takes pot shots at Amaravati farmers!

Telugu Desam Party president and former Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu has chosen Amaravati as the capital region and took up developing the area. 

He made every effort to hard sell the area as a world-class capital and roped in several investors to put in their money in the region. He thought he would get tremendous political mileage in the capital area.

But unfortunately, the TDP suffered a huge setback in the last elections and the people had voted for the YSR Congress candidates notwithstanding the good work done by Naidu for the capital. 

It was a shock for the TDP supremo who had not expected such a “betrayal” from the people.

Now, with the people of the capital region hitting the streets against the YSRC government’s plan to shift the administrative capital to Visakhapatnam, Naidu has got an opportunity to take pot shots at the people of Amaravati.

Addressing the protesting farmers, Naidu said there was no point in blaming the Jagan Mohan Reddy government alone, since the fault lies with the people as well.

“You have made a mistake. When the Jagan government demolished Praja Vedika adjacent to my residence, you didn’t react. When it tried to evict me my house, you thought it was my personal problem. Now, when Jagan has decided to dump Amaravati and choose Visakhapatnam as the executive capital, you have started worrying and are running from pillar to post,” the TDP chief said.

He alleged that the people of the state had been carried away by Jagan’s plea to give him one chance to rule the state.

“You ignored my warning and voted Jagan to power. You have voluntarily taken a burning cauldron on your head. You can neither keep it down, nor bear it. You have made a mistake and are now asking me to fight on your behalf. I told you not to touch a live wire. But you did it and are now feeling the shock,” Naidu alleged.

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