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Naidu Ji! Please Show The Power Of Your Experience

Naidu Ji! Please Show The Power Of Your Experience

Chandrababu Naidu who was regarded as the most experienced politician and administrator in crisis management is shocking many in political circles with his weak and wrong moves on the chess board of current political scenario.

The recent history has seen how Chandrababu has miscalculated the powers and gave support to Congress and came onto the roads to give power to Congress at the center and dethrone Narendra Modi.

He has uttered many offensive lines against Modi that he made it so difficult to reassociate with him once again. 

Keeping that aside, Chandrababu Naidu is missing a golden opportunity. Due to political equations YS Jagan Mohan Reddy may not comment or criticise the mistakes by the central government.

If Chandrababu takes up the stand to contradict the decisions taken by Narendra Modi he will win some attention from the public. 

Moreover, BJP is still weak in AP state and the majority people are not emotionally attached to it due to the lack of prominent leaders. It takes a lot of time for the party to make its hold deep rooted in the state. 

Meanwhile Chandrababu can cash the situation. Instead of longing for the friendship of Modi he should choose to fight with him. That's the only possible way left for him now. 

Capital issue, not releasing the GST amount, center taking the control of state electricity department, supporting the big industrialists like Ambani and Adani...the list goes unending to point out and talk against. 

Chandrababu should learn from the neighboring state where KTR and KCR are directly attacking the decisions of Modi. 

Chandrababu should make a way for 2024 elections by showing off his stand against Modi's decisions. If he still thinks that Modi will one day join hands with him again, such dreams will end up as nightmares.

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