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Nagababu- A Threat For Varma In Pithapuram!

Nagababu- A Threat For Varma In Pithapuram!

Who would be accessible to the people if Pawan emerges victorious in Pithapuram? Like many MLAs, prominent figures are often not locally available. 

Balayya's representative, who happens to be his manager, operates from Hindupuram and the same goes for Chandrababu's Kuppam.

Avinash Reddy acts on behalf of Jagan in Pulivendula. For numerous individuals, their siblings are local and address their concerns.

Jana Sena chief Pawan is vying for the seat from Pithapuram. Regardless of the election outcome, Pawan won't be stationed in Pithapuram. If he secures victory, who will be the local point of contact? The answer is Nagababu.

Nagababu, along with his wife and son, has already actively participated in the campaign. If Pawan emerges triumphant, Nagababu should assume the role of acting MLA in Pithapuram.

Varma's duty is only to bring victory for Pawan. However, Pawan does not anticipate assigning Varma the responsibility of handling local affairs on his behalf. 

Even if by chance Chandrababu regains power, Varma is likely to secure an MLC or any other nominated position. Nevertheless, the MLA status holds a distinct significance.

This is something Varma might not attain anymore. An alternative constituency may need to be sought for that purpose. 

So attempts are underway to camouflage Varma completely in Pithapuram.


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