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More Painful Write Ups Than Vallabhaneni's Allegation

More Painful Write Ups Than Vallabhaneni's Allegation

Damage control causes more damage many times. It proves to be good to maintain silence at times instead of giving explanations.

More than the allegation of Vallabhaneni Vamshi, the write ups in pro-TDP dailies are causing more damage to the pride of Chandrababu's family. 

Not many know what exactly Vallabhaneni Vamshi said a few weeks ago. The mainstream media also didn't pay much attention to this. But it was Chandrababu's crying in the press meet that made the issue more popular. 

On the other hand the TDP daily mentioned an explanation given by a TDP MLA as, "Whatever heard in Assembly mikes was very little. Many YCP MLAs came close to Chandrababu and spoke against him. An MLA shouted, "Do you know to whom your son was born.." another MLA yelled, "DNA test needs to be done to your son". This caused immense pain to Chandrababu which made him cry in his subsequent press meet". 

The two MLAs beside Chandrababu were Atchen Naidu and Nimmala Ramayanayudu. So either of the two must have told this. If this is true, then there is nothing wrong in Chandrababu's tears. Any man feels the same. 

But the point is, to justify what words made Chandrababu cry, the pro TDP media is making the allegation more popular. Instead of writing so clearly, the daily would have mentioned, "the YCP MLAs provoked and insulted with the words unable to mention...". 

The biggest culprit in defaming the TDP is its media but nothing else. This media is using only desperate emotion but not the brain.

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