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Lokesh 2nd Day Padayatra: An Utter Flop

Lokesh 2nd Day Padayatra: An Utter Flop

Though the first day of Nara Lokesh's Yuvagalam got reasonably good reviews, it lost its sheen on the second day.

The padayatra on the second day was started from PES Medical College of Kuppam. But the response is not as expected. TDP groups are saying that Lokesh looked dull and tired though the title of the mission is Yuvagalam. 

The gestures of rising the hand with tightened fist looked artificial and dramatic as per the observers. 

Many are comparing Lokesh's walkathon with that of Rahul Gandhi's padayatra.

While Rahul Gandhi, who is many years older than Nara Lokesh could walk with such an agility, Lokesh is seen exhausted on the second day itself. 

The public is also not seen much around him. Thats the reason the real footage of his walk on the second day is kept hidden and the social media wing of TDP uploaded only the recorded video to give a color that there are huge crowds for the walkathon. 

Social media wing of TDP is getting tensed up in the process of bringing artificial hype to the walkathon on the second day.

They say that if the padayatra goes on like this for rest of the days, then TDP would see more loss than any gain. We have to see how TDP overcomes this life and death hurdle.


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