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Legal Notices To Ramoji Rao, Radhakrishna Again!

Legal Notices To Ramoji Rao, Radhakrishna Again!

The Andhra Pradesh government has served legal notices on Eenadu Telugu newspaper and its promoter Ch Ramoji Rao and Andhra Jyothy and its managing director V Radhakrishna for allegedly publishing defamatory report making false allegations with regard to purchase of 1088 ambulances for 104 and 108 services.

The legal notice was also sent to Telugu Desam Party official spokesman Kommareddy Pattabhi, who made these allegations at a press conference recently. The notice was served by government public prosecutor K Srinivas Reddy on Monday.

“If the TDP and the two Telugu dailies do not tender unconditional apology to the government for making false allegations, they would be liable for civil and criminal proceedings against them,” Srinivas Reddy said.

He explained in detail the procedure adopted in the tender process in purchasing ambulances.

“The purchases were made as per the specifications suggested by the medical experts and it has resulted in saving of Rs 399 crore to the government,” the public prosecutor said.

Reddy charged the TDP and the two dallies with deliberately slinging mud on the government and attributing mala fide intentions to the government.

“They should tender unconditional apology to the government; otherwise, they would be held responsible for any criminal and civil actions taken by the government,” he said.


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