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Lagadapati Survey Too Predicts YSRCP Win!

Lagadapati Survey Too Predicts YSRCP Win!

TDP chief and Andhra Pradesh CM N Chandrababu Naidu has been rubbishing all the election surveys conducted by prominet national media organisation predicting victory of YSRCP in upcomimg AP Assembly polls.

Naidu has been terming these national surveys as 'fake' and 'paid' surveys. But this is one survey which is giving shivers down the spine of Naidu.

This survey has been done by "Andhra octopus" Lagadapati Rajagopal.

Naidu himself asked Lagadapati to conduct surveys and alert him on the results every week. For this Naidu splurged crores of rupees of public money to award irrigation contracts to a benami company of Lagadapati, in return for doing surveys.

Naidu believed that Lagadapaiti will give an accurate survey.

TDP circles are abuzz with reports that Lagadapati has submitted his survey report to Naidu predicing bumper victory for YSRCP.

The survey detected huge gap in vote share between YSRCP and TDP, especially in rural areas, where voters want Jagan to become next CM of AP.

The survery revealed that TDP has advantage in urban areas but in urban areas too there are several constituenices where YSRCP has the edge.

Lagadapait reportedly advised Naidu to intensify campaigning and take remedial measures immediately to bridge this vote share gap between YSRCP and TDP immediately, else the results would be shocking for TDP.

Lagadapati did not predict how many seats YSRCP and TDP will win in upcoming polls, but only brought to notice of Naidu how YSRCP is racing ahead in bagging higher vote share over TDP.



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