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Konda Surekha questions Jagan-KCR friendship!

Konda Surekha questions Jagan-KCR friendship!

Till the formation of Telangana state, former minister Konda Surekha was a hardcore loyalist of YSRCP president and present Andhra Pradesh CM Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy.

In fact, soon after the death of former CM Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, it was Surekha who was in the forefront in collecting the signatures of all the MLAs for making Jagan as the chief minister. 

Even during the peak of Telangana movement, Surekha was with Jagan and fought against Telangana activists who pelted stones on the train in which Jagan was travelling for Odarpu Yatra. 

But after the formation of Telangana state, Surekha tilted towards the Telangana Rashtra Samithi and joined the party along with her husband Konda Murali.

By 2019, things did not work out in her favour and she jumped into the Congress party, hoping that the party would come to power.

She has been keeping low for a long time and has now started appearing in the media again. In an interview to a news channel, Surekha castigated both her ex-bosses – Jagan and KCR.

She alleged that KCR had a secret understanding with Jagan in 2014 itself and reminded that KCR had predicted Jagan’s victory.

“It is a known fact that KCR had abused YSR several times in stalling Telangana. It is surprising why Jagan made friendship with him. KCR had even sent money to Jagan in the last elections to defeat Chandrababu Naidu. May be, both of them have business dealings,” Surekha said.

She also questioned why KCR had not maintained good relations with Chandrababu Naidu when the latter was CM and why he is so eager to make friendship with Jagan.

“Not just official, both KCR and Jagan have some personal dealings,” she pointed out.

Commenting on Jagan’s role, Surekha said there is a huge difference between YSR regime and that of Jagan.

“Instead of doing good for the people, Jagan is concentrating only on taking personal vendetta against the TDP leaders. One should do politics only during the elections, but after that, one should forget political rivalries,” she commented.

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