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Kesineni Nani's criticism takes a turn to Nara Lokesh

Kesineni Nani's criticism takes a turn to Nara Lokesh

Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani is turning more popular with his controversial statements on Twitter stage.

Though he is trying to blame YSRC leaders, it is coming back on to the Telugu Desam leaders like a boomerang.

Kesineni Nani has wished a good morning on Sunday with a controversial statement that can be attributed to the Former Minister Nara Lokesh.

Though the intention of Nani may be criticising someone else, the netizens started discussing that the statements are about Mr Nara Lokesh. 

Mr Kesineni Nani tweeted, “A person who is unable to achieve four votes is earning four posts and a person who can’t read or write at least four words is now tweeting. This is unfortunate.”

However, the netizens felt that these words are most suited by Lokesh and started promoting the tweet. 

Some of the Telugu Desam activists felt that these statements are made against YSRC MP V VIjayasai Reddy.

But the YSRC activists have mentioned that Vijayasai Reddy is an auditor and know how to read and write, unlike Mr Nara Lokesh.

The Sunday statements of Mr Kesineni Nani have made this a fun day for YSRC activists.



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