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JD's midnight politics in Vijayawada!

JD's midnight politics in Vijayawada!

Strange are the ways of former joint director of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) V V Lakshminarayana, better known in political circles as JD.

He appears to be very active in Andhra Pradesh politics, but he is not able to decide his political stand as yet, despite the fact that the elections to the state assembly and Lok Sabha are fast approaching.

At one stage, he has even hinted that he would float a new political party, if necessary, though it is too late for him to make any such experiment.

He, however, expressed his desire to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Visakhapatnam, even if it is as an independent.

Of late, Lakshminarayana has been interacting with farmers, representatives of various people’s organisations and other independent institutions to discuss the plan of action.

On Thursday night, he held a meeting with such like-minded people at a hotel in Vijayawada to discuss his plans.

The meeting began at midnight. He called the meeting as “Ardharaatri Aalochana” (Midnight thinking) and went on till early hours of Friday. Why was the meeting held only after midnight?

“Well, all the major developments in the country took place only after midnight, including the announcement of freedom for India. That is why, I am trying to understand the problems of the people only after midnight,” he said, much to the surprise of reporters.

Lakshminarayana gave a call to the people to reject money, caste and dynastic politics.

“No political party or government is functioning in tune with the aspirations of the common people. The present-day political leaders have stopped bothering about people and are encouraging their family members,” he said.

The former CBI official called for overhauling of politics by enlightening voters.

“We need a transparent government so that people would know what is happening in the administration and what decisions the government is taking,” he said.

He also said the manifestos should be prepared by people themselves, so that they should elect only those parties which can implement the people’s manifestos. 

“It is unfortunate that the present-day youth have no interest in politics. They should take the lead in politics. They should draw inspiration from Barrelakka or Karne Shireesha, who dared to contest the elections in Kollapur constituency in Telangana,” JD added.


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