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Jana Sena Closing Down Party Offices?

Jana Sena Closing Down Party Offices?

Pawan Kalyan has been reiterating that he has long term goals in politics. Jana Sena party would work to secure power in 2024 or 2029 has been his stand to motivate the karyakarthas.

He has also recently slammed the reports that he would be returning to Tollywood making it clear that he’s very much focused on building his party from the grassroots in Andhra Pradesh.

Strangely, things are moving in the opposite direction in his political outfit. If his party set eyes on 2024 general elections, why is that it is shutting down offices.

Last year, Jana Sena had inaugurated a huge sprawling office in Guntur near Gorantla Inner Ring Road.

Former Minister Ravela Kishore Babu took the initiative of running this office with much fanfare but he left the party post the debacle in the recent polls.

Once he deserted Jana Sena for BJP, the party also handed over the rented office to its owner. The same building is now put up a To-LET board. 

This has been the same scene in other districts. All the party offices which were taken for long-lease have been terminated. The rental agreements are canceled.

The Jana Sena is mainly operating from only two offices - the one in Mangalagiri in Andhra Pradesh and Pawan Kalyan’s office in Jubilee Hills. 

These turns of events raise questions about seriousness in running the party for a longtime.



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