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Jagan Plans MC, PC For Amaravati?

Jagan Plans MC, PC For Amaravati?

Is Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jaganmohan Reddy in favour of creating Amaravati city before making any decision on trifurcation of the capital?

Is the government’s decision to postpone the panchayat elections in the capital villages the reason for the chief minister’s plan to create urban body for all the capital villages?

If the information available from the chief minister’s office and the power corridors of the ruling party are to be believed, the chief minister had decided to create Amaravati Municipal Corporation with the inclusion of 29 villages, besides the existing Tadepalli and Mangalagiri municipalities.

Though former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu also planned a similar urban body for the capital villages, it did not happen as Naidu was otherwise busy in getting international plans for the city and the architectural designs for the buildings.

Naidu had earlier planned to create police commissionerate for Amaravati initially. However, the plans did not materialise for reasons best known to him.

However, Jagan Mohan Reddy wants to prove that he is a man of work and not words. He had planned to create Amaravati Municipal Corporation merging two existing municipalities and one mandal parishad.

Accordingly, the Tadepalli and Mangalagiri Municipalities and the Thulluru Mandal would be merged and made into Amaravati Municipal Corporation.

Besides creating Amaravati Municipal Corporation, the chief minister is also in favour of creating a police commissionerate for Amaravati.

The police commissionerate would also include parts of the Guntur rural police district besides the new municipal corporation of Amaravati.

The ruling party leaders claim that the creation of the municipal corporation and the police commissionerate for Amaravati would create a sense of confidence among the people of Amaravati villages.

This would also leave no space for Chandrababu Naidu to play with the sentiments of the farmers in the capital villages, the ruling party leaders believe.

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