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Jagan invents new epithets to attack Naidu!

Jagan invents new epithets to attack Naidu!

As the elections to the Andhra Pradesh assembly are fast approaching, YSR Congress party president and chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has stepped up attack on Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu.

At every meeting, Jagan is inventing new words to lash out at the TDP president, much to the cheers of the audience and of course, the party leaders, who are losing no time in catching up those phrases.

Needless to say, Jagan’s script writers are working overtime to avoid monotony in his speeches.

On Tuesday, Jagan compared Naidu with the villainy character – Pasupathi from the popular Telugu film Arundhati, who comes alive to haunt the heroine several years later, only to be killed at the end. 

"This election is a war between a gang of crafty alliances whose foundation is lies and deceit. The leader of this gang is Nara Chandrababu. Like Pasupathi who came from the grave in the movie Arundhati, Chandrababu, a Pasupu Pathi, rose up after five years to seek power,” he said at a meeting at Madanapalle.

“This Pasupupathi wants the CM's chair to suck the blood of the poor. He is constantly trying to fool you with his lies. But don't forget what happened in 2014," he added.

At a public meeting in Puthalapattu on Wednesday, Jagan described Naidu as a “sadist” and “Chandramukhi.”

He said over the past three days, people had witnessed the hardship faced by the elderly. The volunteer system ensured pensions are delivered to their doorsteps on the first of every month, he pointed out.

“Yet, Chandrababu Naidu, utilizing Nimmagada Ramesh, has gone as far as writing a letter and pressuring the Election Commission to halt this system, completely cutting off the volunteers. Seeing the elderly suffer today, unable to even walk to collect their pensions, I can't help but wonder if Chandrababu Naidu possesses any humanity or if he's simply a sadist."

He said if Jagananna wins, the volunteer system will be reinstated.

“Otherwise, Chandramukhi will trap you with his lies and ultimately suck your blood. Beware of him,” he said.


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