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Jagan Decides To Take On Opposition On His Own!

Jagan Decides To Take On Opposition On His Own!

It looks like YSR Congress party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has decided to counter the opposition onslaught directly, instead of depending on his party leaders who are not doing justice to the job.

It was evident from the way Jagan has been unleashing the attack on the Telugu Desam Party leaders led by N Chandrababu Naidu in the recent past.

At the Mummidivaram meeting on Thursday, Jagan declared that he would not tolerate baseless criticism against him and his government and even if all his enemies come together, he would not go back on his commitment to serve the poor.

On Friday, Jagan made similar comments at a meeting with secretaries and heads of various departments to review the financial position of the state.

He said his government was making all out efforts to undo the damage done by the previous Telugu Desam Party government on the financial front and was clearing the mess created by it.

The chief minister asserted that the priority of his government was to implement the Navaratnas while taking austerity measures at the same time to curb futile expenditure.

He pointed out that the previous government had not cleared bills aggregating to Rs 40,000 crores which was the main reason for the financial issues in the state. 

“We have focused to overcome the situation for the last few months and have adopted austerity measures by cutting down unnecessary expenditure and focus only on priority issues. The criteria to define the success of any scheme implemented should be the satisfaction of the people,” he said.

He told the officials to come up with ideas to increase the revenue of the state without burdening the public.

“We should mount pressure on officials stationed at Delhi to get maximum funds from the Central Government,” he said. 

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