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Is Magunta Leaving the YSR Congress?

Is Magunta Leaving the YSR Congress?

The political circles in the state are engaged in big debate over the future of Ongole MP Magunta Srinivasulu Reddy.  

It is said that the MP is all set to quit the YSR Congress and join the opposition TDP. In fact, he joined the TDP before the 2014 elections and contested unsuccessfully from Ongole Lok Sabha seat. Later, the TDP had given him the MLC seat. 

Srinivasulu Reddy had quit the TDP and joined the YSR Congress just before the 2019 general elections and won the Ongole Lok Sabha seat. However, it is said that Srinivasulu Reddy is not comfortable in the YSR Congress. 

There is a gap between him and the local minister Balineni Srinivasa Reddy, who is likely to be made incharge of the party in Prakasam district for the 2024 elections. If that happens, Magunta has his own doubts over his re-nomination for the Lok Sabha seat in 2024 elections. 

More than his seat, Magunta is more interested in launching his son Magunta Raghava Reddy. He is planning to launch the young leader from Markapuram Assembly constituency. 

As he has no guarantee in the YSR Congress, it is said that the MP is looking towards the TDP, which can accommodate both the father and the son. 

The TDP chief had already sent feelers to the MP promising Lok Sabha seat to him and Markapuram Assembly seat to his son. 

However, sources close to Magunta family say that the MP is waiting for the TDP and Jana Sena patch up. If these two parties forge alliance even without the BJP, he is likely to return to the TDP.

In case the alliance fails, the MP is likely to be with the YSR Congress and ask for the launch of his son Raghava Reddy in the 2024 elections.


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