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Inside News: Ambedkar And Ranga Statues At Risk

Inside News: Ambedkar And Ranga Statues At Risk

The politics in Andhra Pradesh being played by the opposition head seems to be the most obsolete ever. 

As the TDP Supremo's so called intelligence is not functioning any more, his age old cinematic strategies to create pandemonium and point the fingers on the government is being implemented 

In the process, the first attempt was with temple attacks. After getting caught red handedly in the Rajahmundry Temple case where the priest confessed that he himself has damaged Subrahmanya Swamy's idol by the force of two TDP people, the activity is stopped. 

Now as per the inside news, plans are being made to attack the statues of Dr BR Ambedkar to create an uproar among the SC and ST communities against the other community groups.

On the other hand, the statues of Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga are also targeted to create unrest among the Kapus. 

With these attacks, the TDP supremo is planning to pull SCs and Kapus on his side. 

This report is already with the police and they are making their attempts to spy and catch the culprits red handedly.


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