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IIT-Madras denies study on Amaravati flooding?

IIT-Madras denies study on Amaravati flooding?

The study purported to have been conducted by IIT-Madras that Amaravati is unfit for being the capital city of Andhra Pradesh as 70 per cent of the area is flood prone and the cost of construction in Amaravati is too high, has kicked up a controversy.

And on Thursday, it took a new turn with the reports that the IIT-Madras had categorically denied of conducting any such study on Amaravati.

The controversy started four days ago, when there was a leak from YSR Congress party sources to the national media that a study conducted by IIT-Madras on Amaravati, the capital city proposed to be developed by previous TDP government led by N Chandrababu Naidu as a world-class capital city.

The report of the IIT-Madras which was carried by the media and also as a banner story in Sakshi, revealed that the areas on the south of the Krishna such as the sports, government, finance and tourism cities are not recommended for construction due to significant risks of flooding.

The IIT-Madras observed that at least 70% of the proposed capital area could be affected by floods, and that constructions on and near the riverbed were fraught with high risks.

It also observed that construction was expensive due to the presence of rocks at depths greater than 40 metres, and the costs to raise or fill up the area to prevent flooding would be very high, and it would be dangerous to other areas.

Now, the IIT-Madras reportedly denied having conducted any such study on Amaravati and its flooding due to Krishna river, according to an e-mail doing rounds in the social media groups of Amaravari farmers.

In reply to a query raised by one of the residents of Amaravati seeking a copy of the report, IIT-Madras said: “IIT Madras has not carried out any research on Amaravati. No report has been given by IIT-Madras on this matter and no such information was given to the media.”

The question is who is correct in this issue. If what was leaked to the media by YSRC sources is correct, they should immediately come out with the report as to when and where IIT-Madras had done the study and who had commissioned it.

Otherwise, the pro-Amaravati groups should disclose the e-mail from IIT-Madras to prove whether it is genuine or not.


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