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For Naidu 'public money' for special flights, 'own money' for regular flights!

For Naidu 'public money' for special flights, 'own money' for regular flights!

Former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu and his son Nara Lokesh proved that they have no value for 'public money' or 'taxpayers' money and they view that public money can be spent like water and enjoy like anything if they are in power.

Both Naidu and Lokesh proved that they think twice to spend, if it is their 'own money'.

Naidu and Lokesh used 'special flights' like private buses to shuttle from Hyderabad to Vijayawada or vice versa when in power during the past five years.

Even for distances which can be travelled by helicopters or by road, they used special flights by spending public money.

For a distance which can be travelled just by spending Rs 10,000 ticket each by a regular flight, Naidu and Lokesh used special flights by spending lakhs and crores of rupees, because it is public money and not theirs.

Now, out of power, both Naidu and Lokesh started using regular flights like Air India, Spice Jet etc. because it is their own money.

On Friday, Naidu and Lokesh booked Air India ticket from Vijayawada to Hyderabad by spending less than Rs 20,000, because it's their own money.

Had they been in power now, they would have spent lakhs and crores by booking a special flight. AP people should be feeling lucky now that they were saved of bearing the special flight costs of Naidu and Lokesh.

It's a known fact that Naidu and Lokesh made lakhs of crores of rupees in the past five years when in power.

Even if they use special flights now or even their next three future generations use special flights every day, their wealth will not vanish. Such has been their earnings through politics, business and benami deals.

But still, they preferred regular flights because it involves their own money. 

This proves that they value only their 'own money' and not 'public money' which is hard-earned money of common people, who pay government in the form of various taxes.

For people like Naidu and Lokesh, public money is meant for lavish lifestyle and spending like water for their comforts and luxury.

Who will forget Naidu spending thousands of crores for special flights during the past five years for his political, family and personal journeys, setting up of and renovation of half-a-dozen camp offices and residences for him in Hyderabad and Vijayawada, renovation of Secretariat in Hyderabad by spending hundreds of crores of public money, without coming to Secretariat in Hyderabad at all.



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