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Fan Inside - Cycle Outside - Tea Glass In Washbasin

Fan Inside - Cycle Outside - Tea Glass In Washbasin

Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy spoke amidst lakhs of people in Raptadu, Anantapur District, as part of his "Siddham" campaign.

He gave a clarion call to all his party members to win all 175 MLA and 25 MP seats in the upcoming elections.

He also threw some satirical remarks at opposition parties and their symbols.

He said, "The fan should be inside the house. The cycle should always be outside. The used tea glass should only be in the washbasin." This line garnered significant attention from the public.

He further stated that not a single welfare scheme would come to mind if Chandrababu's name is mentioned.

He also took a dig at Chandrababu, questioning why he needs a 'package star' to push his cycle when he's confident of winning the election.

Jagan Mohan Reddy's speech was filled with many satirical jibes and sarcastic remarks that captured the attention of the crowds.


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