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Fact Sheet: Yellow Tricks Galore

Fact Sheet: Yellow Tricks Galore

The yellow gang is leaving no stone unturned in trying to influence public perception. They recently released a survey by the name of ‘Corp Chanakya’ predicting a victory for the TDP in the upcoming election.

Now, people will naturally take notice because Chanakya is a credible name which was the first and only survey team to predict a landslide for Narendra Modi in 2014.

Turns out that ABN was showing the survey results of a firm called ‘Corporate Chanakya’ owned by a Kamma fellow whereas the genuine company is ‘Today’s Chanakya’.

When the survey reports were brought to their notice, Today’s Chanakya put out a tweet on their official handle saying, “This is not our survey. We have not done it. Please retweet to make people in Andhra aware about this.”

Well done Radhakrishna! You’ve touched another new low.



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