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Do The People Need You Pawan?

Do The People Need You Pawan?

"Even before his father’s dead body was found, YS Jagan was plotting to become the Chief Minister. Do the people need such a person?” questioned Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan.

This is a serious allegation that needs to be addressed. After the funeral of YSR, there was a signature campaign initiated in support of YS Jagan.

Till date though, it is unclear whether it was undertaken at the behest of KVP Ramachandra Rao or YS Jagan’s coterie or someone else.

There are umpteen variations and speculations regarding this episode including some anti-Jagan Congressmen who said that they were unaware of any such signature campaign undertaken at that point in time.

YS Jagan definitely deserves the benefit of doubt. However, it is pertinent to note that it was actually YS Jagan who proposed Rosaiah’s name for interim Chief Minister then.

And why will a person who is hell-bent on becoming Chief Minister at any cost refuse to promise loan waiver for the farmers, later in his electoral campaign? But let us come to the Jana Sena founder himself.

Do the people need a person who is married, yet is unfaithful to his partner and makes another woman pregnant without divorcing his wife? But no, friends, that’s personal, you can’t go there, right?

How much pain must Renu Desai have felt compared to the pain Pawan says he is feeling because of Ali’s betrayal? But according to the Jana Sena Chief, such characteristics make him eligible for Chief Ministership.

Pawan Kalyan also revealed the reason for his anger with the YS family.

“Ravindra Reddy asked me to do a film for him threatening me that he was the brother-in-law of YSR. How is it possible? Can they force me? Will Jagan give me Idupulapaya if I ask for it? Will he give me a share in his assets? If this was the situation in YSR’s time for even a person like me, imagine the state of affairs if Jagan becomes the CM tomorrow. But, if anyone tries to threaten me, I will skin him alive,” thundered Pawan Kalyan.

Very good Pawan Kalyan! But did you eventually do the film or not? What was the outcome of the episode? Surely, if you had a problem with Ravindra Reddy, you could have directly taken up the matter with YSR? What did you do finally?

The very fact that you are able to make public statements against the YS family shows that you are confident that they will not physically assault you in any way. And speaking of law and order, who was the Chief Minister when Paritala Ravi tonsured your head free of cost? Whose regime was it then?

Besides, not a single person from your community barring Vangaveeti Ranga had the guts or daring to respond to the imbecile Balakrishna’s heinous ‘Sankara Jaathi’ comments. But you find absolute freedom in lashing out at the mighty YS family. So, whose is the goonda raj, Pawan?

Anyway, the people of Andhra Pradesh will be free from the nuisance of this person in a few more days as the polling date gets closer.

Despite all claims to the contrary, Pawan Kalyan, you are accorded any kind of respect only for one reason: because you are a peddler of your community’s votes. Period!

Written By Usha Choudary



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