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DGP Slams TDP On Political Charges

DGP Slams TDP On Political Charges

When the TDP was in power, it never allowed the opposition parties to point an accusing finger at the police.

The TDP had used the police as the ruling party security wing, resorting to indiscriminate arrest of opposition leaders.

Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham was kept under house arrests for weeks together.

Then leader of Opposition Y S Jaganmohan Reddy was turned away from Visakhapatnam airport. He was not given due importance when he visited Nandigama government hospital to console the families of the bus accident.

The leaders of the Left parties were always under preventive arrest everywhere that the then chief minister Chandrababu Naidu visited.

The TDP did not allow the police to take action against the TDP candidates who pelt stones on BJP president Amit Shah’s visit to Tirupati.

They did not even allow the police to take action against those who pelted chappals on BJP AP chief Kanna Lakshminarayana.

Now, sitting in Opposition, the TDP is making political allegations. There are no house arrests or preventive arrests now.

Even the ruling party MLAs are arrested or cases are booked against them if charges are made.

Under this background, DGP Gautham Sawang made scathing attack on the TDP alleging that the Opposition party leaders were making dramas in media against the police.

“They release a letter to the media with some allegations. Then they come to me two days later and submit the letter. But, by then, the information the letter is known to the people. Is it not a big drama?” the DGP asked.

The DGP said that he is a dedicated and humble employee of the government and have no political interests or leanings and sought to advise the TDP not to make baseless comments against the police.

Will the TDP leadership learn a lesson or two from the DGP now?

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