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Despite being exposed, TDP tries to malign Jagan!

Despite being exposed, TDP tries to malign Jagan!

The Guntur police on Monday night exposed a conspiracy by the Telugu Desam Party to malign YSR Congress party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy by raking up an issue of ganja peddling in Tadepalli.

The TDP leaders were planning to bring out a doctored video in which a woman was complaining about thriving of a ganja racket right behind the official bungalow of the chief minister at Tadepalli, despite having stringent security measures.

They would have made it a big issue on Tuesday and taken it to the notice of the national media to damage the reputation of Jagan, but for the timely busting of racket by the Guntur police.

Yet, the TDP leaders tried their best to make it a political issue. The official twitter handle of the TDP mentioned this alleged “ganja racket” closer to Jagan’s residence.

“Narcotics are being sold very close to the residence of the chief minister. The government is keeping the youth addicted to drugs,” it commented.

The tweet also attached the same video that surfaced last might to make wild allegations against Jagan.

However, the response to the tweet was very poor and the party also received heavy trolling for maligning the chief minister.

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