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Coward Naidu Ran Away From Telangana, Says RK

Coward Naidu Ran Away From Telangana, Says RK

ABN Radha Krishna must be thinking that he is doing so much favor to TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu by writing against Naidu’s rivals all the time.

RK, as he is known, always spits venom at Naidu’s rivals and lacks dignity in his criticism.

Even illiterate people are better than RK in hitting at their rivals. The language that he uses and the abuses he hurls put him at the lowest level.

The latest is his narration of the Note for Vote case in which Chandrababu Naidu is accused.

In his weekly column on Sunday, RK wrote about the alleged BJP trap on four TRS MLAs and referred it to the Note for Vote case involving Chandrababu Naidu.

RK said that Chandrababu Naidu, like a coward, had run away from Hyderabad after the case instead of standing firm and facing it.

RK argued that Chandrababu Naidu would have challenged KCR for tapping the chief minister’s phone call.

But Chandrababu Naidu showed his cowardness by running away from Hyderabad to Vijayawada, leaving the common capital.

Having read this analysis of RK in his column, one wonders whether RK is doing good or bad to the TDP chief.

RKs description of Chandrababu Naidu in this column portrays the TDP chief in bad taste as if he is unfit to be the chief minister, as he had run away from Hyderabad with fear.

It was not the first time that RK revealed some facts about Chandrababu Naidu in his columns that show the other side of the TDP chief.

Good that RK spills the facts sometimes, at least while comparing Chandrababu Naidu with other leaders.

What RK is not able to understand is his comparison every time lowers Chandrababu Naidu’s image and his administrative abilities, which is in fact true.


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