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Covid-19: JD, JP And Pharmacists Support YS Jagan

Covid-19: JD, JP And Pharmacists Support YS Jagan

There wouldn't be any problem if someone other than YS Jagan who belongs to a particular community says the facts about Covid-19. But when YS Jagan says the facts, the yellow media or the unconditional haters try to color it as false and attempt to trolling. 

Jaya Prakash Narayan has shared his ideas on Covid almost two weeks ago by saying, "We need not worry much, considering Covid as a catastrophe. We are messing up the situation by projecting it as a deadly virus. It is true that it is contagious. If we take necessary precautions, Covid cannot attack us. Though some evidences have to come out, I can say that BCG vaccine in India is doing its job by keeping virus away from wide spread. Other conditions in India may also be helping in containing it naturally to a large extent. We need to understand there are no 1000s of covid patients in Indian hospitals. Until and unless the patients are weak, it is not even fatal. We need to keep economy also on track. We have to live with corona by taking precautions and go ahead, waiting for vaccine". 

JD Lakshminarayana in his interview today to a media channel has shared, "Corona is not something that vanishes after the lockdown. Even the ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research)  is saying that we have to live with it until we discover the vaccine. We need to take precautions to keep it away. YS Jagan has mentioned it as a common fever. One has to take it that way to combat it with confidence. CM is preparing the people by instilling a kind of confidence like an elder man in a family. It takes quite long time (may be 3 to 6 months or more) to get a vaccine. So until then we need to live with Covid by taking precautions. Taking the average in India, only 453 tests are performed per 1 Million. But AP is doing 1400 tests per million. So, by doing more tests, the number of positives will be more as long as the disease is prevalent. Even the cabinet secretary Rajeev Gauba has said that we need to do more tests and as a result more positives will come out, but nothing to worry. He also emphasized that we should not hide the numbers as well", said JD Lakshmi Narayana. 

"Those who are trolling YS Jagan by digging into the glimpses from his latest press meets are none other than fools. They must be either unconditionally hate him or just living with closed narrow minds. Except the media, all the informed doctors, pharma experts and other learned men have been saying what YS Jagan said in the latest Press Meet. He said that we have to live with virus until the vaccine comes. That is true. He also said that it is like common fever and not to be worried much. Even that is true. Many people die around the world with fevers like Dengue, Malaria, Flu and even Typhoid despite having medical protocol. When the statistics are observed it will be understood that Covid deaths are not as alarming as presumed. Haters don't like to look at statistics. They just spill venom", said Avinash Katragadda, a senior pharmacist from Vijayawada.

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