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BRS supporting Jagan in Avinash Reddy issue!

BRS supporting Jagan in Avinash Reddy issue!

BRS President and Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao, as well as his Andhra Pradesh counterpart YS Jaganmohan Reddy, may not have met since January 2020 and have maintained their distance for the past three and a half years. However, the BRS top leadership is reportedly offering support to Jagan in the ongoing YSRCP MP Avinash Reddy issue in the YS Viveka murder case.

There is speculation within BRS circles that KCR and his son KTR, during their internal discussions with party leaders, are expressing moral support for Jagan.

Reportedly, KCR commented to party leaders, "What wrong has Jagan done in the YS Viveka case? Why is the Modi government targeting Jagan? Despite the YSRCP government in AP maintaining cordial relations with Modi, Amit Shah, and the BJP's national leadership, why is the Modi government causing trouble for Jagan in AP? Why is the Modi government using the CBI against Jagan in the Avinash Reddy issue?".

BRS circles state that these are the questions raised by KCR during internal discussions with party leaders.

Even KTR is said to be speaking in favor of Jagan in the Avinash Reddy issue.

"The CBI is displaying excessive enthusiasm regarding the Avinash Reddy issue. Jagan has a cordial relationship with Modi and the BJP. Despite this, they are creating trouble for Jagan in AP under the pretext of the Viveka murder case. This demonstrates that Modi, Amit Shah, and the BJP do not value friendship and only engage in politics for their selfish political interests in any state. They befriend others for their political entry and then crush them later. Now they are crushing Jagan in AP. If they crush Jagan in AP, it will only benefit the TDP and Chandrababu Naidu, not the BJP," KTR reportedly commented on the Avinash Reddy issue.

BRS top leaders wonder why the BJP government is employing the CBI to target the Jagan government in the YS Viveka murder case through Avinash Reddy.


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