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Brahmani campaign shows Naidu desperation!

Brahmani campaign shows Naidu desperation!

That Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu roped in his daughter-in-law Nara Brahmani and for that matter even his grandson Nara Devansh into electioneering clearly shows how desperate he is to come back to power for a second time.

Apparently realizing that his son and TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh is sailing through a rough weather in Mangalagiri assembly constituency, Naidu on Sunday brought Brahmani into the election campaign.

All said and done, Brahmani, being the daughter of Nandamuri Balakrishna, is a glamorous face in the entire Nara family and is more polished and sophisticated than her husband and father-in-law.

And she is also a better speaker than Lokesh and she can reach out to all sections of people despite her high-profile corporate lifestyle.

So, Brahmani was compelled to address the crowds in public rallies in Mangalagiri on Sunday and she was big hit.

While she was speaking, an old lady came to her and gave Rs 500 out of her pension. She also blessed Brahmani and wished to see the TDP government again in the state.

It is not exactly known whether it was a real episode or a stage-managed one, Lokesh shared this video on Monday on his twitter handle and expressed confidence that TDP will win the elections.

Nevertheless, people were commenting Naidu was forced to bring even his daughter-in-law into the campaign, though she had been keeping away from politics.

And she was compelled to make political speeches and appeal to the people to vote for the TDP!



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