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Botsa Feeling The Heat For Tongue Slip

Botsa Feeling The Heat For Tongue Slip

Minister Botsa Satyanarayana is now busy in damage control. He is often found creating controversies for the government.

His comments have landed the government in trouble several times. His comments continue to give troubles to the government.

The latest comment that had caused tremors in the ruling party and the government as well are related to the possible alliance with the BJP at the Centre.

Botsa is reportedly quoted as saying that the YSR Congress might consider joining the NDA if the State’s interests are protected.

He said that the State has been fighting for the special category status and other bifurcation benefits and if the BJP-led NDA government extends the benefits, the YSR Congress might consider positively for the alliance with the BJP.

These comments were widely reported in the media creating big trouble for the ruling party.

Deputy chief minister Amzad Basha had been on one side openly criticizing the BJP leadership on CAA, NRC and NRP issues.

He said he would quit the cabinet and the party as well, if the YSR Congress supported the BJP on these issues.

Now, with Botsa giving positive hints or giving scope for such reports of alliance with the BJP even in the larger interests of the State, the government is on the damage control mission.

The Minister had first written an open letter to Eenadu group chief Ramoji Rao denying the report.

Again, when the media carried a report of BJP leader and AP incharge Sunil Dehodhar who said that the doors of the BJP were not open to the YSR Congress, the Minister had to release yet another press note clarifying the issue.

The Minister was also asked to hold a press conference once again and give clarity on his statement and the alliance with the BJP at the Centre.

While the BJP had been trying for an alliance with the YSR Congress, Jagan Mohan Reddy is waiting for his turn having placed a charter of demands before the BJP leadership.

The charter of demands included granting of special category status to the State, one of the bifurcation promises.

It is to be seen how Botsa Satyanarayana would correct the damage caused to the party and the government due to his slip of tongue.



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