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Bheemili Beckons Nara Lokesh

Bheemili Beckons Nara Lokesh

The TDP is hard at work in trying to find a suitable constituency for Nara Lokesh where he can win from comfortably.

In line with this, 5 constituencies have reportedly been shortlisted: Bheemili in Vizag, Penamuluru in Krishna district, Pedakurapadu and Vinukonda in Guntur district and Hindupur in Anantapur.

Of these, Hindupur can straightaway be removed as Balakrishna is likely to contest from there again.

Bheemili is represented by Ganta Srinivasa Rao who is keen on representing the constituency again. However, Ganta is willing to make way for Lokesh provided he is given Vizag North. For some reason, the TDP is keen on sidelining Ganta from Bheemili.

Earlier, Andhra Jyothi carried a survey report which said there was a lot of anti-incumbency against Ganta. Upset by this, Ganta was on the verge of leaving the Party but stayed put, eventually.

Now this ‘Lokesh for Bheemili’ plot seems to be aimed specifically at Ganta although the reasons are best known to the TDP leadership only. But if Lokesh were to content from Bheemili, by no means is it a ‘safe seat’ for him.

Unfortunately for Lokesh and fortunately for the people of Bheemili, there are not enough Kammas here who can automatically vote Lokesh to victory.

So, the whole exercise as mentioned earlier seems to be directed with Ganta in mind.

What could be the reason? Only the TDP knows!



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