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At last, Jagan advisor becomes active!

At last, Jagan advisor becomes active!

It has been three years since senior journalist and prominent journalists’ union leader Devulapalli Amar was appointed as the advisor to the Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy government to look after national media affairs and inter-state relations.

But nobody in the national media was aware what he was doing in the last three years. Though he is known to every journalist in the Telugu states and he knows every national media reporter by name, there was hardly any occasion when he was in touch with them with regard to the activities of the Jagan government.

There are various publicity wings for the Jagan government and they regularly pass on information with regard to the government functioning. So, even the national media reporters never used to depend on Amar and his team, who operate from Amaravati, Hyderabad and even New Delhi.

Perhaps, Amar and his team might be doing the backend work for the Jagan government, but it is never known to the reporters. Recently, he got the extension for yet another year, much to the surprise of everybody.

Interestingly, Amar has become quite active in the recent past. For the last few weeks, he has been shooting off videos, making comments on various activities of the government and political attacks on the TDP and uploading the same on his YouTube channel.

Apparently, Jagan has requested Amar to speak out on various political and non-political issues to elevate the image of his party and the government. That is perhaps the reason why Amar has started being visible seen and heard these days.

A day before Diwali festival, Amar hosted a get together with senior journalists, mostly from national media, at a star hotel in Hyderabad, obviously to keep them in good humour. It was for the first time that he had hosted them such a party.

Hope, Amar will become more active in the coming days and bring good name to the government.


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