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AP Minister Under Trolling For His Photoshoot

AP Minister Under Trolling For His Photoshoot

We know some film actors becoming politicians. Even the sitting MP Bharat from Rajahmundry was once a film actor. He eventually became a serious politician and maintained his decorum. 

But now Gudivada Amarnath, the newly appointed Minister is making hungama with his private photo shoots like a film actor.

Well, there is nothing wrong with that. But he should have taken care in the matter of not getting the working stills leaked. Now they have reached TDP groups and they are making fun of this.

In fact, Minister Gudivada Amarnath need not get into this kind of stuff as he has enough image in the public of his constituency. These clowning acts speak less about him.

He has fair chances of getting the ticket again. Then why should he get into this kind of artificiality?

He has some competition within the party from the Dhadi group in his constituency. At this point of time he should have avoided this shooting stuff.

He should glue himself to the public till the next general elections than posing for still cameras artificially wearing goggles and waving hands.


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