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Amaravati under siege: Leaders under house arrest

Amaravati under siege: Leaders under house arrest

As the YSR Congress party government in Andhra Pradesh is getting ready for introducing the bills in the state assembly on Monday to create three capitals for state with administrative capital at Visakhapatnam, the entire Amaravati region has come under the siege by the police.

Notwithstanding the orders of the state high court, the police has made elaborate security arrangements for the assembly session, besides imposing heavy restrictions on the movement of the people in the villages of Amaravati, in the wake of the “Chalo Assembly” call given by the Amaravati Joint Action Committee and other opposition parties.

As many as 800 Telugu Desam Party leaders, besides several JAC leaders, across the state were taken into preventive custody. All the senior leaders were confined to house arrests. 

A large number of police personnel headed by at least seven SPs were deployed in the capital city region on Monday. As many as 2500 police were posted in sensitive areas where there are chances of farmers coming out on the streets.

Around 70 police were deployed at Prakasam Barrage bridge in the wake of the Chalo Assembly. The bridge was closed as part of security.

The police almost cordoned the Amaravati region and letting everyone only after thoroughly checking their identity.

Drones are being used to keep a watch on the movements of the people so that the police could take immediate action to prevent them from taking up agitations.

The people of 29 villages lodged their protests by hoisting black flags atop of their houses and displayed save Amaravati slogans.

The villagers lamented that a war-like situation was created in the region. 

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