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ABN RK's Most Entertaining Point From Kotta Paluku

ABN RK's Most Entertaining Point From Kotta Paluku

"Today's News Paper is tomorrow's waste paper". 

ABN RK seems to be believing more in this line being the owner of a News daily. He attempts to write anything with the confidence that people forget whatever they read on the next morning. 

Today he wrote the most entertaining piece. 

He mentioned that he has the evidence to prove that the government brought in huge pressure on the government doctors with regard to the medical report of Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju after the police custody. 

It is known that the case went to the Supreme Court. Why didn't RK put up the evidence he has there? In fact, ABN is also a co-accused in the case. 

The entire trial was about medical reports as the subject. Then why didn't RK use his evidence in such a dire situation?

It is surprising to see him using such evidence to write only a column but not as a supportive element to weaken the opponent in the court. 

Will he show that evidence to the public at least in near future or keep it in the closet forever. What will be the image of this senior journalist if it gets proved that there is no such evidence at all? 

RK must have written this to create an instant pep to his article believing that the people will never question about this in future. 


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