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'Subramanyapuram' Review: Predictable and Repetitive

'Subramanyapuram' Review: Predictable and Repetitive

Movie: Subramanyapuram
Rating: 2/5
Sudhakar Impex
Cast: Sumanth, Eesha Rebba, Suresh, Saikumar, Ali, Josh Ravi, Bhadram, and others
Music: Sekhar Chandra
Cinematography: R K Pratap
Editor: Karthika Srinivas
Fights: Dragon Prakash
Produced by: Beeram Sudhakar Reddy
Written and Directed by: Santosh Jagarlapudi
Release date: December 7, 2018

With last year's release 'Malli Raava', Sumanth made a comeback of sorts. He has now become busy again as actor. His latest 'Subramanyapuram' created some interest due to its trailer.

Check out about its review.

Karthik (Sumanth), an atheist who works in archeology department in Hyderabad, develops love towards Priya (Eesha) who hails from

Subramanyapuram, a village famous for Subramanyaswamy temple. In her village strange suicides are occurring and her father being the head of the village tries to hush up this phenomenon.

Karthik comes to her village to research on why people are getting killed themselves and writing suicide letters in a language that is no longer exists. What is the secret?

Artistes’ Performances:
Sumanth has played the role in his typical style, nothing to talk about his performance. He lacks energy required for this role.

Eesha Rebba is okay. Actor Suresh gets a meaty role. Bhadram and Josh Ravi got full-lengthy roles but their comedy is irritating.

Technical Excellence:
The film has low technical values. The animation work and CG work of a peacock are of standard quality, but rest of the movie seems to be shot on shoestring budget.

Basic theme
Couple of scenes post-interval

Bland direction
Uneven narration
Sloppy music
Poor production values

Anyone who has watched Nikhil Siddharth and Chandoo Mondeti’s  “Karthikeya” can easily guess how this “Subramanyapuram” would progress and what would be the climax. It is such predictable fare. At some places, the movie looks like Xerox copy of “Karthikeya”.

A village witnessing strange phenomena, people dying in mysterious manner, villagers thinking it as the curse of the god and hero unearthing the mystery….. this is such a clichéd storyline that we have seen in many movies and TV serials.

New director Santosh Jagarlapudi’s “Subramanyapuram” treads on the same path and narrates in predictable style. The director has not even tried to present it a bit different.

Though the basic storyline is intriguing, the director has resorted to unnecessary comedy sequences that have failed to generate laughs and boring romantic scenes have further spoiled the mood. And the film drags on for no reason. Many scenes are also repetitive. Bad editing is major issue.

Where the film scores is when Sumanth takes the challenge of unearthing the mystery in 10 days. The pre-climax sequences are handled quite well. It has some gripping moments here.

On the whole, “Subrahmanyapuram” is predictable mystery thriller with some interesting moments here and but fails to engage. 

Bottom-line: Karthikeya 2



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