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'Selfie Raja' Review: Spoof Raja With Outdated Comedy

'Selfie Raja' Review: Spoof Raja With Outdated Comedy

Movie: Selfie Raja
Rating: 1.5/5
Gopi Movies
Cast: Allari Naresh, Sakshi Chowdhary, Kamna Singh Ranawath, Krishna Baghavan, Ranjith, Taguboth Ramesh, Sakalaka Shankar, Prudhvi, and others
Dialogues: Diamond Ratnababu
Music: Sai Kartheek
Cinematography: S Lokanathan
Editing: M R Varmaa
Producer: Chalasani Rambrahmam Chowdary
Story, direction: G Eshwar Reddy
Release date: July 15, 2016

These days, Allari Naresh is not in good form as he veered away from doing out and out comedy movies. “James Bond”, his earlier movie had some good comedy and the film turned out to be an average grosser.

With the similar production team, he has made this “Selfie Raja”. Hence it caught the attention. So does the film offers enough laughs?

Raja (Allari Naresh) has an obsession of taking selfies. He does nothing to earn but daughter of city’s Police Commissioner (Kamna Ranaut) likes his goodness and accepts his love proposal. Interestingly, her father agrees for their marriage. On the first night, she sees a gift box meant for Raja and in that she finds condoms and a letter from a girl. Feeling cheated, she severs the ties with Raja.

Frustrated, Raja tries to commit suicide in many ways but fails. Then he asks a professional killer to shoot him with a gun. Meanwhile, Raja’s wife comes to know the letter was written by jilted lover of hers and he tried to create problems between Raja and her. When they happily reunite, the professional killer comes to shoot him. What happens next.

Artistes’ Performances:
Allari Naresh has played two roles in the movie. As a selfi-fascinated guy he has given his best shot. The spoofs he did imitating NTR Jr, Allu Arjun etc are funny. But the second role that he has played is not at all convincing.

Both the actresses Kamna and Sakshi are more like item girls than heroines. They have shown enough glamour.

Among the comedians, Prudhvi as Police Officer Anushkam and Saptagiri as thief have provided enough laughs. Krishna Bhagavan and Ranjitha have played the couple who have hearing problems but those jokes are as old as Himalayas.

Technical Excellence: 
The movie doesn’t boast any commendable technical or production values. All the technicians from cinematographer, musician, art director to editor have done mediocre work.

Some spoofs

Out rightly silly story
Boring second half
Outdated jokes
Bad music
Boring chase sequences

At one time, whatever that Allari Naresh did generated good comedy. But over the years, he lost grip on humor and his spoofs have become tiring. The latest film “Selfie Raja” also joins the same league of movies that have less comedy, more sound and idiotic scenes.

“Selfie Raja” begins on a funny note with the introduction of Allari Naresh who has two weaknesses - crazyness for selfies and talking loose. How he falls in troubles due to these weakness is shown in funny ways.

Although the romantic track between Allari Naresh and Kamna Ranawat is totally boring the comedy scenes have sustained the interest. Then comes a good comedy track of Tagubothu Ramesh, Prudhvi and Jabardasth gang. With no story, the director has put such more comedy scenes and spoofs on films like “Nannaku Prematho”.

Some spoofs have worked till the interval. But whatever little storyline that the director has on his hands is finished by interval itself. So there is no story to look forward to in the second half but and the director’s screenplay is horrible post interval that we constantly look for exit door.

There is a big lengthy scene of a snake. A snake charmer sends a snake to kill Naresh when he goes to the loo. The snake dies of “heart attack” as she sees Naresh’s naked avatar. Then the snake’s child also gets similar “heart attack” when she goes under the lungi of Ravi Babu. This kind of silly track lasts nearly 15 minutes. Second half has such farce and idiotic comedy scenes.

There are many chase sequences - everyone chases the other. Even some ladies also take oath like factionists and chase Naresh. Shakalaka Shankar’s loud dialogues and Ravi Babu’s snob acting further induce headache.

Perhaps, it is time that the writers and directors of Allari Naresh’s movies to reinvent different kind of comedy. Basic problem is lack of story and the utterly bad screenplay. Even the highly reliable Allari Naresh and Prudhvi have failed to save the movie in the second half.

All in all, “Selfie Raja” is totally bad comedy, more sound of dialogues and less of laughter.

Bottom-line: Silly Raja!

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