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'Rogue' Review: Psycho Namaha!

'Rogue' Review: Psycho Namaha!

Movie: Rogue
Rating: 1.5/5
Tanvi Films
Cast: Ishaan, Angela, Mannara Chopra, Anup Singh, Ali, Posani, Azad Khan, Satyadev and others
Music: Sunil Kashyap
Cinematography: Mukesh G
Art: Johnny
Editing: Junaid Shaik
Producers: C R Manohar, CR Gopi
Story, screenplay, dialogues and Direction: Puri Jagannadh
Release date: March 31, 2017

In the recent past, director Puri Jagannadh has delivered many flops. Yet, whenever his movie releases, lot of buzz is made.

His latest film "Rogue" has generated good pre-release buzz as the promos are visually chic, and the heroines are glamorous. Has the film lived up to the promise shown in promos?  

The wafer-thin story is set in Kolkata. Chanti (Ishaan) loved a girl called Anjali (Angela) who ditches him for a police officer. He beats up a constable on the day of Anjali's marriage and gets imprisoned for this.

After returning from jail, he goes to the constable's house and repents. He says he would clear off their debts. The constable's sister likes him when she learns what this rogue-looking guy did to their family. Her name is also Anjali (Mannara).

Meanwhile, a psycho (Anup Singh) who escaped from the prison targets Anjali. What happens next?

Artistes’ Performances:
In his debut movie, Ishaan has shown promise. He has ease. His tall frame is suitable to action roles.

As a psycho, Anup Singh is okay. Mannara Chopra has done neat job. Angela is there for to show off the skin. Ali's comedy track is outdated. Posani, Satyadev and Azad Khan have nothing much to do.

Technical Excellence: 
Cinematography is the only positive strength of this movie. Mukesh has shown Kolkata and Bangkok in different and beautiful way. There is nothing much to talk about rest of the technicians' work.

Nothing else

Almost everything in the film

Puri Jagannadh has delivered several duds in his long career but "Devudu Chesina Manushulu" must be the most unbearable film to watch. The film has companion in the form of "Rogue".

"Rogue" is actually launch pad for producer C R Manohar's cousin Isaan. Puri also directed Ram Charan's maiden film "Chiruta" with wafer-thin story but it wasn't mindless movie like this. The problem with "Rogue" is not the lack of the story but the treatment.

There is no seriousness either in writing or direction. We get the feeling that Puri went to the location and shot whatever that came to the mind on that day, rather than filming the written script. Every scene shows the frustration of the director.

The way the hero treats women in the film (and the dialogues penned by Puri for such scenes) is out rightly objectionable. Women bashing is no longer funny, Puri sir! Please come out from such misogynistic and outdated ideas. Audiences are lot wiser now! 

The film is clear proof that he has lost interest in story writing. There is no logic to any scene. All scenes seem to have created just to fill the runtime.

Before you are trying to understand what is happing comes the interval bang with the introduction of a psycho character. And from there the movie goes downward further as the screenplay completely goes for a toss in the second half.

The psycho kidnaps 50 women and Kolkata police are shown in such dumb way that they don't even notice it.

Entire second half looks our rightly silly. Though some dialogues are good here and there, the narration is awfully bad. Non-seriousness in direction is evident throughout the movie. 

All in all, "Rogue" is unbearable and induces headache and tests the patience limits.

Bottom-line: Hola Amigo!

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