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Raju Yadav Movie Review: Duck Out

Raju Yadav Movie Review: Duck Out

Movie: Raju Yadav
Rating: 1.5/5
Sai Varunavi Creations and Charisma Dreams Entertainment
Cast: Getup Srinu, Ankita Kharat, RJ Hemant, Rocket Raghava, Chakrapani Ananda and others
Music Director: Harshavardhan Rameshwar
DOP: Sairam Uday
Editor: Bonthala Nageswar Reddy
Producers: Prashanth Reddy
Directed by: Krishnamachary
Release Date: May 24, 2024

Many comedians have taken on leading roles. Following in their footsteps, Getup Srinu, best known for his 'Jabardasth' comedy skits, made his debut as a hero in "Raju Yadav".

Let us check its merits and demerits.

Raju Yadav (Getup Srinu) is hit by a cricket ball, leaving him with a permanent smiling face because he does not have enough money for surgery. One day, he encounters a girl at a police station and falls for her.

Sweety (Ankita Kharat) despises his continual smile and stalking tactics, but she develops feelings for him as she learns the truth about his appearance.

After Sweety finds a job with a company in Hyderabad, they become close and go intimate. But then Raju Yadav notices another aspect of this girl. What did Sweety do to shock him?

Artistes’ Performances:
Getup Srinu plays his role in an okay manner. He does not have the look of a lead hero, nor does his role have such an effect. He just plays an ordinary guy from a small town quite routinely.

Ankita Kharat, the film's newcomer, is another weak link. Other performers go about their business in a regular manner.

Technical Excellence:
Harshvardhan Rameshwar's first song and last song are satisfactory. Other songs fail to impress. The film exhibits subpar production quality and the camerawork is rudimentary. The editing and the writing are so basic.

Slightly better moments in second half

Amateurish direction
Boring moments
Unnecessary adult content

"Raju Yadav," the debut film of comedian Getup Srinu as the hero, fails to engage the audience. The first half of the film centers entirely on Raju Yadav, a failing graduate with deformed face who is enamored by the attractiveness of a local girl. The main story, or whatever we call it, unfolds in the latter part of the film.

It is established that the girl (the film’s heroine) has been very clear about what she wants from the start. Despite the girl's refusals, the hero continues to follow her, and he feels duped when she does something shocking to him.

The makers claimed that the plot was inspired by true incidents, however the main issue is the protagonist's amateurish behaviour. Not only does the protagonist's character lack depth, but so does the director's narration.

Filmmakers should stop portraying fit-for-nothing guys into heroes. This story's protagonist comes from a lower middle-class household; he cannot find work because he failed his graduation and does nothing for a living; yet, he tries to impress a girl who is well-educated and working. The person in question lacks heroic qualities.

The first half of the film is set in a small town and the hero’s attempts to impress the girl, but the second half changes its tone, depicts some intimate sequences, and goes down the 'RX100' route to some extent.

The incompetent direction and ludicrous sequences, however, bore us more than the story or characters. Everything in the movie is corny and absurd. To sit through this requires a tremendous level of patience.

Overall, "Raju Yadav" is uninteresting from beginning to end. For Getup Srinu, this is a bad start as a hero; for moviegoers, it's another headache film.

Bottom line: Amateurish


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