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'Pitta Goda' Review: Crumbling Wall

'Pitta Goda' Review: Crumbling Wall

Review: Pitta Goda
Rating: 2.5/5
Sunshine Cinema, Suresh Productions.
Cast: Vishwadev Rachakonda, Punarnavi Bhupalam and Others
Music: Pranam Kamalakar
Cinematography: Uday.
Story, producer: Rammohan P
Dialogues, direction: Anudeep KV

Pelli Choopulu has proved that despite not having big names to boast, a low-budget film can make it big if only they are endowed with a taut script, novel taking and oodles of entertainment. Novel publicity and powerful promos have naturally raised the bar for Pittagoda. Suresh Babu's backing too made the expectations soar. 

But, Pitta Goda, if any, is a saga of a weak and crumbling wall, with plaster peeling off once too often despite its colorful characters and fun moments.

When it comes to making small films, there shouldn't be any room for complacency. The story and the story telling have to be gripping. Pitta Goda's first half promises, but the second half fails to deliver. The wall cracks after interval. 

The film is a story of four vagabond youths who while away time perching themselves on a village parapet wall. They try every which way to impress people, but end up being butt of ridicule of villagers and derision of parents. They even try to hold a cricket tourney and raise money. In the end, they fail to conduct the tourney and end up in a mess.

Tippu (Viswadev) is the leader of the quartet and he falls for Divya (Punarnavi). How his life changes after meeting this girl and what happens to the quartet on the parapet wall forms the sum and substance of Pitta Goda.

Though the story has nothing much to go home and tell about, the story telling, replete with situational comedy keeps you in stitches. Their troubles with their parents are comic. Even the interval bang is impressive. But from then on, cracks begin to appear in Pitta Goda. Everything becomes too cinematic to be impressive. 

There are incogruities like Divya slamming Tippu when he express his feelings to her and then develops soft corner on him the in the very next scene. Climax is too phoney to be believed. How the vagabond quartet beats the villains and how they land in Government jobs despite not having requisite qualifications show that the film maker hasn't given a thought to story and just went through motions in the second half.

Also, the flashback portion of the heroine, villain's motive and hero's father's behaviour are too phoney. As a result, what promised to be an entertaining fare ended up with a whimper.    

The lead pair and hero's buddies are convincing, but others are too overboard. The music and cinematography are good and film, on the whole, dishes out a quality fare. Comedy scenes are good, but scripting is flawed and incomplete. The effect shows on the output. The second half has swerved off track and the climax is a complete collapse. 

The lesson is films with new comers can emerge as surprise winners only when the scripting is perfect Otherwise, the parapet wall will soon crack.

Bottomline: Not strong enough!!